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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's about time!!

Ok, ok, I have no excuses for not writing for a couple of months. However, being here in Utah with family has made it harder to spend time on the computer, AND the #1 reason I do a blog is for family to know what we're up to. So for the family who we aren't with and who we don't really see even though we're in Utah, I'm sorry!!

The summer has been a BLAST so far! We have loved having everyone be around Bree so much more then if we were still in North Carolina. Bree has been up to visit mama and papa Harmon at least five times, which is a blast every time :) Bree especially loves her golf clubs and can really hit the ball! And she loves bring around the horses! We can't wait until Aunt Brookie has her baby so we can have a cousin when we're in town!
One of our new favorite things about St. George is that they have these new splash pad things at the parks! Bree loves cooling off when it's so hot outside!
One of Bree's new favorite songs is, I love to see the temple (which she calls "pemple"), so we try and take her to visit since there is a temple so close here. (She definitely likes the outside better then the inside of the Visitor's Center!
And one of Bree's new favorite places is Lake Powell! We spent a whole four days out there a couple weeks ago with my family. And oh what a blast! The weather was perfect and Bree just loved the water. Bree loved riding on the boat any time and was such a good sport. She wasn't the biggest fan of tubing, (beacuse water would get into her eyes) but she rode on the jet ski like a champ! Something funny we did was my brother Mike had just returned from a study abroad in Israel and he brought some mud from the Dead Sea (is that legal?). The mud there is very mineral rich so of course we all lathered up! It was so funny.
The best part though was spending FOUR straight days with Robbie! No work, no school, nothing to do but be with us! It was the best! We LOVE summer!!