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Meet amazing dad Robbie, mother-in-training Jesika, 7 year old best big sister Bree, 5 year old boy in every way Gabe, 3 year old who thinks he's 10 years old who makes us all laugh McKay,
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break

Last week was HEAVEN!! Robbie was off of school for the entire week!! It was wonderful having him around so much. Bree has always loved her daddy, but after a week of having dad around now she just wants to be right by his side!! It's so cute to watch! We started off the week with some canning...apples and tomatoes were so cheap at the Farmers' Market, and since I am working on building up our food storage, that I decided to make an attempt. Bree was such a good helper! Thanks to having dad around I was able to make quarts of apple-sauce, tomatoes, de-hydrated apples, fruit leather, and even some apple-butter. The applesause is SO yummy, and I didn't even add any sugar! I haven't tried the tomatoes yet...so I'm crossing my fingers that they taste ok! (I put all the tomatoes in the front row above our cabinets cause they match my kitchen!) While I was canning, daddy had the idea to make a fort. It's Bree's new favorite thing! She loves to read books in there. And Bree has always been a good helper with the laundry, but this week she found something else fun while I was putting away clothes :) But probably most fun was that we were able to go camping!! The weather was beautiful, even warm enough to play at the playground and swim too! Bree has recently become a little monkey and likes to swing on anything and everything! She hasn't slipped yet! After some fun in the water we made our camp and Robbie made some delicious tin-foil dinners, followed by S'mores of course! We all snuggled in our little tent and watched The Jungle Book on Robbie's laptop before falling asleep to the sound of a light rain. Bree actually did quite well, except for the hour she was sleeping on Robbie's legs and he couldn't turn over :) When we woke up in the morning the weather had turned chilly but it was perfect! We had some yummy oatmeal, cleaned up camp and headed home. On Saturday I had to be gone for most of the afternoon, and when I came back Robbie had made dinner AND bought me flowers! He called it our Fall Break celebration. I was so sad our week with Robbie was over, but it was a wonderful week filled with fun memories!