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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ahh ya baby!

Every time I complain about how lame it is to feel like I am not doing anything productive being on bed rest, Robbie (and my mother  :) tries to convince me that I am really doing the most productive thing any woman could be doing...incubating and growing a baby. Though I know it's true it hasn't made me feel any better...until I saw this picture.  Ahh ya baby. Now I feel better :)
AND, at my doctor's appointment this morning he said that next week I can go off of bed rest since I'll be 37 weeks (which is full term)!! So only 10 more days! When I told Bree she clapped and squeeled with excitement! It's amazing how much more doable it is when there is an end in sight! And sorry that Top 10 Worst things list was so negative...I still feel bad for even posting it! But thanks for all of the helpful and happy comments!

Monday, March 7, 2011

~Musings of a mommy on bed rest~

Yes, it is true. It's day #33 of being on bed rest and let's just say it's been a roller coaster. It's amazing how many girls after learning that I am on bed rest have told me about when they were on bed rest, and for many of them far longer than I. It's been nice feeling like I'm not alone in this, and if they did it for FOUR months, I can do it for two, right? Bree and Gabe have been little troopers. Bree is surely the sweetest little girl on the planet: Getting a washcloth to wipe hers and Gabe's mouths, helping Gabe get his shoes, getting a diaper and wipies for me to change Gabe, getting them a snack, being so sweet to her brother...and almost always helping with "Oh sure mom!" and a happy attitude. Gabe has had a harder time dealing with mommy on the couch, but in his own sweet way has been such a good boy. He will be getting ready to go to a friend's house or something and will ask, "Mommy come too?" And I'll say, "I can't, remember..." and he'll say, "Doctor say no." And then cheerfully say, "Bye mommy!" as he runs out the door. And of course the #1 husband I have has been amazing...couldn't be more perfect. Honestly. I am so grateful for him, and honestly this would be so much harder if he didn't already help out so much anyway!

So for anyone who is curious about life on bed rest, I compiled a Top 10 Best and Worst List. (Let's be honest, I wouldn't be showing a truthful picture if I just highlighted the Top 10 good things!) So here is goes:

Top Ten WORST Things About Being On Bed Rest:

10. Finishing your "To Do" list (of all the things from like the past year I haven't been able to to finish!) and then wondering what else I can do that is productive...Robbie jokingly suggested starting an online business to make us some money (ummm, only half jokingly...he told me about a friend of his whose wife did that when she was on bed rest "and made them a ton of money"...I started trying to think of some ideas but it didn't take me long to think about what time I could spend on it after the baby comes?! Ha, I was feeling pretty productive until he suggested that!)
9. Having to look at stuff left out all over the house, not being able to pick it up or cook for my family or clean, but trying to remind myself that if I over do it and end up in labor my baby will be in the NICU and I will be sorry!
8. Watching moms, friends, and my husband do EVERYTHING!
7. Having an emotional breakdown after 1 month and realizing that I still have 1 month to go...and it seems like eternity!
6. Taking anti-contraction medication that makes you feel like you had "coffee on steroids" (that's seriously how the doctor described it!) and being all shaky with a head-ache!
5. Yearning...dying to go for at least a walk outside!
4. Wanting to do something to thank all of the people who are helping me but not being able to come up with anything other than measly thank you cards!
3. Feeling like every muscle in my body is turning to mush, trying not to think about all of the extra weight gain sitting on my rear all day, and thinking about how hard it is going to be getting back in shape!
2. Hearing your child say when grandma is trying to help, "No! Mommy help me!" and not being able to (and then hearing her carry him away to the bath screaming!).
1. Bascially the feeling that your emotional well being is slowly declining and you don't have any control over it!
Phew! Oh that was pretty negative. Sorry. But now, the
Top Ten BEST Things About Being On Bed Rest:

10. Having some time to do all of those things I have wanted to do for the past year! (Like Gabe's 1st Year baby book, plan and organize food storage, file and organize all the bill records and stuff in the filing cabinet (don't worry Robbie got it down for me), get everything planned and ready for baby to come, write some letters I have been feeling prompted to write, planning family holiday traditions, read some books, catch up on my blog, etc...)
9. Getting to take naps.
8. Doing a meaningful scripture study every day.
7. Getting totally caught up on the news! I love feeling like I am informed (even though I know after baby #3 comes it may be a really long time before I have time to read the news again!).
6. Catching up on family and friends' blogs (that I haven't looked at for so long!)
5. Seeing SO many people who are willing to help: take my children, bring meals, calling, sending texts, and checking up on me...it's been unbelievable.
4. Being able to actually answer my phone when friends and family call.
3. Learning to let things go (like what Bree is wearing when she goes out the door...this morning it was a black skirt, dark pink shirt, different shade of pink with cream polka-dots button-up sweater, white tights with a huge hole on the shin and a dirt mark on the other leg, silver shoes, and a wooden beaded necklace from the West Indies...at least we got her hair done.)
2. Having my kids return from playing somewhere or being out with grandma or something and come running through the door towards me on the couch, "Mommy we're home!" and giving me the biggest hugs like they haven't seen me for days :)
1. Gaining a new appreciation for how much I love to be a mom who gets to dedicate all of her time to her family and home. How much I love to help my children, cook for my family, exercise, have a clean house, and be normal! (Honestly I think after this baby comes out I will just cry when I can pick up Gabe and hold him...or when I first get to go running...)

Yes, it has been a roller-coaster. But I must remember:
D&C 58: 3-4

"Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.
For after much tribulation come the blessings..."

And my favorite by Elder Wirthlin:

"If we approach adversities wisely, our hardest times can be the times of greatest growth, which in turn can lead to times of greatest happiness."

So for the next month (or less?) I'm going to try and focus on the Top 10 Best Things about this bed rest challenge :)