Harmon's Haven

Meet amazing dad Robbie, mother-in-training Jesika, 7 year old best big sister Bree, 5 year old boy in every way Gabe, 3 year old who thinks he's 10 years old who makes us all laugh McKay,
and 9 month old sweetest Quinn Marie...the Harmon Family!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday was just one of those days. Everything that could happen lame did. I had to go to the store in the morning and on the way I locked myself out of our apartment and forgot the car keys (which meant I had to trek up the hill to the office to borrow a key)...on the way home Bree had an accident in her car seat (she's never done that)...not too big of a deal because accidents happen, but I got home and took some groceries up (which is always such a pain with two children tryng to carry things!) planning on going back down to get the car seat to bring up and wash, but then Gabe needed to eat. So after he was done I went down to get the rest of the groceries and the car seat and when I got the car seat out of the car there was so much potty that it went running out everywhere...gross. So stuff like that kept happening and I wasn't having the best attitude. Well, I had told a friend I would babysit for her and 45 minutes before she was coming over the missionaries called. They asked if there was anyway I could give one of their investigators a ride, right then. I knew who this investigator was, she's a single black woman with five children, none from the same father. She doesn't really work, and I felt like she was only being interested in meeting with the missionaries because of the help she received. But, since the kids had just gone down for naps and Robbie was home studying I told them I would do it. Well, I got there, and her five month old baby was laying on the couch in just a diaper, with a bottle proped up in his mouth, sleeping. And there was a hair straightener pluged in right by his hand! Tammy was needing a ride to the Social Security office because her rent was over due and she didn't have the money. They were going to evict her if she didn't have it by 3:00 (and it was 1:00 already). She got through to the SS office before we drove there and they told her that her welfare agency didn't have any money for her. Tears were coming down her face and I just looked at her and her situation and thought to myself, How in the world can I complain about my hard day! Though many of the things that were happening in her life were brought upon her by her own bad decisions, it was so hard to watch and not be able to help. I put my arm around her and told her everything would be ok, and as I left in tears I repented for my ungratitude. I was grateful for that experience and for the blessing of having a Father in Heaven who loves us enough to bring us down to humility and gratitude when we need it the most.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Robbie Day!!

I just wanted to let you all know that today, April 28th, has been declared
"Robbie Day" ... Because the day that Robert Mark Harmon was born should be a universal holiday! I am just overwhelmingly grateful for this sweet day. Our little family wouldn't be what it is without Robbie...the way he kindly and patiently teaches and loves me and our children is amazing. He is always thinking of us and does SO much to build our family and bring us closer to Christ. I don't know what I would do without him! I LOVE ROBERT MARK HARMON!! Happy Robbie Day everyone!