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Meet amazing dad Robbie, mother-in-training Jesika, 7 year old best big sister Bree, 5 year old boy in every way Gabe, 3 year old who thinks he's 10 years old who makes us all laugh McKay,
and 9 month old sweetest Quinn Marie...the Harmon Family!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Just wanted to say how grateful I am for this beautiful time of year. I am so grateful for my knowledge of Jesus Christ. My life is blessed every day because of him. We really tried this Easter week to focus on our Savior...on Wednesday we went to the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant, which is a huge production about the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It was so neat, and really well done, but the best part was watching the eyes of my sweet children, and the questions they asked about Jesus. "Why didn't everyone believe him when he only did good things?" asked by Bree. The only answer I had was I don't know, because that is something I wonder too. We had a birthday dinner for Jesus on Friday (April 6th)...and instead of singing Happy Birthday (which didn't quite seem apropriate) after going around the table and sharing something we love about him we sang He Sent His Son. It was actually really neat, and really helped us think of Christ all weekend.
We did an Easter Egg hunt and breakfast with the neighborhood, had some good Saturday work (removed an area with rocks and put in a sand box! Thanks daddy!),  and Robbie and the kids even jumped in the pool! (Air is nice, but the water is freezing!) Then today we enjoyed a beautiful Sunday. We did an Easter Scavenger Hunt through the house that led the kids to a little Easter gift from Robbie and I. The kids loved it. But my "Easter dinner" didn't turn out so hot: deviled eggs were too salty, broccoli had gone bad so I made some brussel sprouts but they were gross...well because I had to boil them because they were frozen but then tried to saute them to taste like I usually make them...but they tasted like drowned, burnt mini cabbages. Robbie pulled out a great accent however pretending he was from "Brussels" and got the kids to eat them. So it was totally worth it. It was histerical :) I love that man! And of course he said the dinner was delicious.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference weekend!

Oh we love conference!! We did some fun things this year I just thought I would share...of course the old standard "Conference Bingo" was a hit again. Bree and Gabe are getting better at not "hearing" things that haven't been said just because they want to eat a treat! They both got to choose the treats at the store that week to put on the squares (marshmallows surprise, surprise...) and were SO excited Saturday morning to open them!  
Also I got a couple of new ideas from here ...and that is also where I got the packets with the bingo and some coloring pages. But my favorites were the print outs of pictures of the 1st Presidency and 12 Apostles, which I taped up on the wall, one for each child, with boxes under each person for the kids to run over and color in when that person came up to speak. Then we did the "Conference Spring Garden" which I am excited about. I had cut out all of the flowers that had pictures of the 1st Presidency and 12 Apostles on them, and put up some "grass and stems"...so they were curious the minute they saw it in the morning. They took turns coloring the flower for each speaker and then put it on the wall. Then after the talk I would write on their flower what they spoke about. Now, for the next few months we will "pick" a flower and do a FHE lesson/activity about that topic. I love it cause it's a great way to review what they spoke about, and keep the spirit of conference around even longer.
We also started a couple of traditions: We had a pre-Conference camp out in the back yard Friday night...so fun! (Ha, I slept in the house with McKay, but Robbie and the kids loved it! It was perfect cause they stayed up late, and woke up early, and then both fell asleep during the afternoon session!) Then had a BBQ lunch with burgers and beach salad (that acini de pepe salad that we love...but it's pretty involved to make so I never make it, but Robbie loves it...so I thought it could be a great Conference treat!) And then crepes for breakfast on Sunday morning (first time for the kids and they were a hit! I wanted to do something that we didn't do very often.) It's hard to just "start" traditions when you're not sure what you want to do...and neither of our families had any particular Conference traditions...but these were fun and we'll see if they stick!

But aside from the treats and the traditions, Conference was just amazing. My father taught me to always go to Conference with questions, and then listen for the answers. And just like in every other Conference they were answered.  I was blessed with ideas and inspiration on how to be a better mother, a better person, and a better follower of Christ. The brethren are so inspired and without fail, speak with power and the spirit. I am so grateful for a living prophet and apostles and the guidance I receive from them. Such a blessed weekend!  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun with Grammy and Grandpa!

Yay for company!! We were so blessed to get Grammy Robin, Grandpa Mark and two of Robbie's siblings Markell and Adam here last week because Robbie's cousin got married (congratulations Hunter and beautiful Lindsay!). Since Grammy knew she would be needed to help her sisters with the wedding, she came a couple days earlier just to be with us! The Zoo, Peter Piper Pizza, tee-ball with Grandpa, and then all of the wedding fun made for a wonderful week!
The wedding went so well (thanks to Markell for watching the children while we were in the temple!), and Bree and Gabe just loved every minute with family.
(They loved Grammy's ipad and iphone a little too much :) and wondered why we didn't have one!) Robbie's parents are such wonderful grandparents...they are full of hugs, tickles, games, and patience :) And Robbie and I loved the little date moments: wedding dinner, temple ceremony, and a fun hike up camel back mountain with the cousins! Seriously I was going through withdrawels this week...LOVE alone time with my hubby! Weddings are such beautiful reminders of the blessing it is to be married to such an amazing man.

AND we had a break through with McKay..., he loved everybody!! Since we don't live close to family all of my children when they are babies don't go to others very well :( They get clingy and fussy when others try and hold them and it's no fun! I always feel so bad. BUT, he has outgrown it!! He was all smiles and went to everyone!

I should mention though, the above situation with my children is not the case with Uncle Adam...they ALL have loved him from the start! We love Uncle Adam! (Bree is the only one who can make him smile in pictures...he's usually so serious! And he has such a great smile too! This one is silly for Bree :) Hope fully Sami can come down next time too!
Thank you so much Grammy Robin, Grandpa Mark, Adam and Markell for such a fun week! We love you!