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Monday, March 23, 2009

March catch-up

Hello! After a month of thinking every day, "Oh I should post about this!" I am finally here! Here is an update on each of us:

BREE: Oh so cute! This month she moved into a "big girl bed". The first few days she was so excited and slept great, but then she started doing what she did before (this is our second move in the bed) sleeping on the ground by the door. So Robbie had the idea of making a little chart. The week before we had gone out for ice-cream and she loved it! So he told her that if she got five stickers we would go out for ice-cream again. It worked like a charm! (The days it looks like she missed were a consequence for not obeying.) Ever since she has slept in her bed! A couple weeks ago I got together with some of my girlfriends whose husbands were all doing their final examinations for dental school and were out of town in VA for the weekend. I was invited because Robbie volunteered to be a patient for one of them (and get a free filling! It was a great $ saver, except that the poor guy had to sit with his mouth open for 6 hours!! Jacob just wanted to do it right for the test, but didn't realize it would take that long! Was it worth it honey?) The kids played dress up and we had a blast! You'll notice though, Bree has on a different dress in each picture... every time she put one on she would notice one a friend was wearing and want that one! Funny, she's never even liked dressing up until that night?! Also this month we have had some warm days!! Oh I can't wait until every day is warm and sunny!! Bree's new favorite thing is making sand castles. Also Bree is just talking up a storm. She is so polite and is really just the sweetest thing! Here are a couple examples of things she is saying...

  • While Gabe is sitting in the swing and I am cooking dinner... Bree- "Mom! Gabe say cracker!" Me- "Oh really? I didn't hear him say cracker?" Bree- "Mom! Gabe say cracker like this... " and she does the sign for cracker :) Me- "Oh, he did the sign for cracker!" Bree- "Ya!"
  • Robbie asks Bree to say the prayer for dinner... Bree-"Heavenly Father, thank you day, food, mommy, daddy, baby Gabe, Bree Elizabeth Harmon, missionaries, President Monsont (she always adds a "t" to his name?), my chair..." Robbie- "Please bless the..." Bree- "food..." Robbie- "Please help us to be..." Bree- "happy..." Robbie- "And please help me to feel..." (Bree has been really sick these past few days so we expected her to say "better"). Bree- "My Savior's love..." It was the cutest!
  • Me- "Bree that is a beautiful dress!" Bree- "Thanks!"

And this one is my favorite...

  • Robbie had turned on one of my dance videos from college while she was getting on her pjs. He pointed me out and she was just fixated watching the dancing. Then suddenly she turned to me and said, "Beautiful dancing mommy!"

Gabe just lights up when Bree is around and always smiles at her! She loves him so much and I can't wait for her to feel better so that they can interact again! She is the BEST big sister!

GABE: He is just growing too fast! One thing I love about having a second child is I feel like I am enjoying it so much more! Robbie and I are just more relaxed about things and it's just so fun! He is sleeping so well and is just so happy! He is already a tar-heel fan and is cheering them on to what we think will be a big win this month! And the beginning of the month was his baby blessing! We had some dear friends, the Ashidas and the Lopezs, come visit our church for the occasion. Robbie did such a great job, he included everything that I would have thought of and I know it will bless Gabe as he looks back on it!

ROBBIE: Oh what a wonderful month this has been for my wonderful husband! He secured summer work with a health-care consulting company out of Glendale, AZ. He'll be able to work here and just travel a little bit. It should be good experience! Also, the biggest miracle (of our married life probably!) is that we were finally granted residency! We have been denied for the past 2 1/2 years, and have been praying (along with our families) that this time it would work out. The reason being that it cuts tuition in HALF!! So such a blessing! AND our last bit of exciting news is still in the works but I am so excited I can't contain myself...we may be doing a semester abroad in Costa Rica! We'll hear for sure on Friday, but we've applied and our chances are really good they say. We would go for Robbie's last semester of his MBA from January-April 2010. (They have the top Business School in Latin America and it was actually started by Harvard.) So be looking for news in the next couple of days! (Well, let's be honest, it may be in next month's post :)
ME: Really I am just SO happy to be back exercising! Though it's harder to find the time with two children and a busy husband, oh it's so worth it! It makes me feel normal again!
Happy March to anyone reading this!