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Thursday, February 21, 2008

~Highlights from February~

February has been a blast! Here are just a few of the fun things we did...

Bree had her first official play at the playground without eating rocks or dirt!! It was actually a huge day and I was so excited! So when the weather is warm enough we are definitely there!

Robbie and I went on a fun date to the Morris Planetarium and saw "North Carolina Skies". It was so beautiful and so cool!

We received some fun Valentine's packages from grandmas Robin and Carrie. Bree is wearing her cute Valentine's dress from Grandma Robin...

And as you can see, she loved the styrofoam from Grandma Carrie's package!

We had an awesome Valentine's Day! Robbie made me breakfast AND dinner! This is a picture of his candle-light dinner...twice baked potatoes, roasted chicken, green beans and sparkling grape juice. Home-made! And better then any restaurant we could have gone to. It was the best Valentine's because I have the best Valentine!

And we had a fun visit from Uncle Russell! Ok, so he's not really Bree's Uncle, he's our friend from Provo who came out for an interview for a Masters Program at UNC. But Bree just loved him!

And one more bit of exciting news was that Robbie's team took 2nd place at a case competition in Birmingham, AL! It was a ton of work, but worth the $2,000 they won! (Well actually I think Robbie said it worked out to be about 14 cents an hour :) It was a good experience!

It has been a fun month!!

This is AWESOME!!

So this is my new favorite cookbook: Deceptively Delicious...I recommend it to everyone! The reason Jessica Seinfeld (yes Jerry Seinfeld's wife)created this cookbook was because she was having a hard time getting her children to eat vegetables. SO, she found ways to include pureed vegetables and fruits into ordinary dishes - even into desserts! I have tried out several dishes so far: hamburgers with carrots in them (Robbie gave it five stars), oatmeal with sweet potatoes in them (may sound weird but it was awesome - and again five stars from my number one critic), and even home-made mac n'cheese with northern beans (and whole wheat pasta of course)! We all know that Americans suffer from many health problems, mostly due to poor nutrition. We need vegetables and fruits! If I had enough money I would buy this book for everyone I know. There is even a recipe for chocolate pudding! (I'm going to try that one soon!) So if you, your husband, or your child has a hard time eating vegetables, or if you just want fun ways to include them in your diet, this book is for you! (Have I sold you on it yet?)