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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I am back!

Shameful really. What have I been doing for the past eight months that I haven't had time to do some regular updates on my family...well, a lot, but nothing that should get in the way of keeping a family history! So. I am committing to rededicate myself to updating our family blog regularly (which may mean once a month, but that is something!). My excuse of, Oh where to start when I have so much to catch up on, is being thrown out the door, and I am going to just pick up from the recent past.

A summer packed full of fun, and I can't believe there are only three weeks left till school! I honestly think I will cry the day Bree goes back because it has been SO wonderful having her home every day. The kids have so much fun together...and McKay just thinks he is as big as they are. I am not saying that we don't have constant fighting and tattling (sigh) but their laughter and squeals of delight as they chase each other and make forts together and slide down the stairs together make up for it. Some summer highlights:
Spring charts to earn a trip to Sunsplash at Golfland. They each set some goals to work on for the Spring, and they accomplished them! You would have thought we were at Disneyland with how much fun they had. It was an awesome way to kick off the summer.
A trip to Lake Powell with my family and cousins the Andersons...our childhood friends and cousins we used to do everything with. It was SUCH a blast now having families of our own. Seeing our children play and getting together as adults was amazing.
A farewell to my parents. My parents are off to Brisbane, Australia to serve as mission presidents for the next three years. It was strange watching the house slowly be packed and shipped away, preparing to be sold (hopefully) while they are gone. But it was neat watching my parents sacrifice and prepare spiritually for this time of service. They will be amazing and have had so many life experiences to prepare them for this challenge. Sad to say good-bye, but thrilled we will get to visit! They are such inspirations.
Some Utah fun! We got to go to Utah for THREE WEEKS! I can't say enough about how much I loved the weather. My at the time seven months pregnant body felt rejuvenated. I wore my compression hose (for my awesome varicose veins) pretty much every day because it wasn't too hot and it really helped. We enjoyed the ranch (especially McKay who has been asking every since we got home if he can go to the ranch right now...and he couldn't go without his boots!)...soaking in the fresh mountain air, the horses, movie night, four-wheelers, and the time with family. Robbie's parents couldn't have been sweeter and we just had a blast with them. We also got to see some friends (Miss you Rose!), Robbie played in a volleyball tournament (hottest guy out there!) and we got to visit my grandparents (such a neat thing to have my children's great-grandparents around. My children love them!). The 4th of July was a highlight; BEST place to celebrate the 4th in our opinion. The parade, Stadium of Fire and we all ran the Freedom Run 10K...well ok I walked and was just happy to make it. My awesome All-American sister-in-law won it, and I came rolling in with my three kids in a stroller literally in last place. Just happy to be there :) Side note: My brothers and I ran it in honor of my sweet sister Lizzy who has been in the hospital for the past 6 weeks in order to monitor her mono-mono twins...she only has two more weeks until they will take the babies out and we are praying everything will be ok! She has started a fabulous blog called "The Small Seed" that shares her story, and is full of inspirational, faith promoting, uplifting posts. I highly recommend it as a regular dose of goodness.
Utah was wonderful. Also during the Utah trip I snuck away for three days to my home away from home, Mobile, Alabama to support our Distinguished Young Woman of Arizona, Katie Wilkinson. It was so great seeing the Greers (who were my host family back when I participated in the program thirteen years ago!) who I stay with any time I go back there. They are my Alabama family and treat me like a daughter. And it was so fun to be with two of my favorite ladies from my committee and show them some southern hospitality. Really I love that city. Poor Katie was sick most of the time, so she didn't get to do as well as she would have liked, but I think the experience was just what it was supposed to be, and she left with great memories and some new friends...which is what it is about anyway! We have our state program coming up in September so we are gearing up for that. (So excited I just got California Pizza Kitchen to sponsor our Mother/daughter luncheon for the participants and their mothers!) She will be the star of the show and we are excited to honor such an amazing girl!
Now since we have been home I have been in a state of shock. Literally. Something to do with the 116 degree weather I think? But I have been in full nesting mode...moving McKay into Bree and Gabe's room (bunk beds!!), cleaning out the closets and moving all his clothes over. Going through and washing all the baby clothes (Bree has LOVED this. Every time we pulled out something from the box she would say, "Oh mom, look, this is SO darling!"). Fixing up the nursery and making it over for a girl. Fixing and freezing extra meals (need to do more of this!). And all the while watching my belly (and my veins) grow! To say I am anxious for her to get here is an understatement. But in the meantime I am enjoying my three sweet children, who never cease to make me laugh, impress me, and make me count my blessings.

BREE: 6 1/2 years old, light blue eyes, naturally highlighted blond hair. Loves to swim like a mermaid. Loved kindergarten. Did every grown up roller coaster at Disneyland this past Christmas. The best helper. Most improved soccer p layer this past spring. A natural dancer. Working on keeping her clothes picked up. Loves cooking. My best sleeper. Could eat a whole bag of frozen corn. Wants to be a pop star. Is growing out her hair. REALLY wants an American Girl doll. Loves to read.
GABE: 4 1/2 years old, dark blue eyes, bleached out hair (but hopes it will turn brown like daddy's). Loves Newsies, favorite song being "Open the gates and seize the day". Wish you could hear him sing it :) Mastered diving to the bottom of the pool and can't get enough. Has the best attitude about unloading the dishwasher. Keeps his clothes and things picked up. Loves to wrestle. Loves to cuddle. Always wants pancakes for breakfast. Cries a little too easily when he doesn't get his way. Loves Ninja turtles. Our resident bug killer.
McKAY: 2 1/4 years old, hazel eyes, light brown hair. Comedian of the family and he knows it. Always claims there is bird poop on the car because he wants to go through the drive through car wash. Needs a toy "guy" in order to take a bath...and asks to take a baths at least three times a day. Loves the ranch. Not interested in using the toilet. LOVES the hose. Would eat raisins or apricots all day if I let him. Wakes me up before my alarm every morning. Loves to look at books.

And not to mention the love of my life who is off to another part of the country interviewing for a job...he has a good job, but is ready for a change. He works so hard for us and I couldn't be more blessed to have him. He makes me laugh, plays so hard with our children, teaches them to work, appreciates what I do, and makes the best German pancakes.

I must add some pictures to this, and will soon. But for now, happy Thursday!