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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving fun in Ohio!

This Thanksgiving was a little bit different than past Thanksgivings because we spent it in Ohio! Robbie had a job interview with the Cleveland Clinic so we decided to make a vacation out of it!

Bree wasn't too happy about having to get up at 5:45 AM to start the eight hour drive!
While dad was interviewing Bree and I got bundled up and walked around downtown Cleveland. By the end Bree was plumb tuckered out!
But we spent the next day in Kirtland visiting church history sights!
And the best part of the trip was that my cousin Kristin, Bill and Will, who live in Illinois, met us there! And it was so fun because Elder Losee (who is on the left giving us our tour) is a good family friend! We were happy to see him and his sweet wife!

We found a fun little restaurant called Mapleside Farms for a Thanksgiving meal. It was great! We hardly had room for dessert!

Bree was more interested in banging silverware on the table than eating!

They gave Bree this cute little Pilgrim hat :) Happy Thanksgiving!!


Whalen Fam said...

Oh yay. . . we are so excited you guys have a blog! It looks like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Ohio! Bree is as cute as ever! I can't believe how fast these little ones grow up. Happy Holidays! We love you guys and can't wait for you guys to come visit us in AZ!!!

Bryan & Mary Porter said...

It's great you have a blog! It's a wonderful way to keep in touch. Love to your little family!

Taralee said...


I was excited when you sent the email about your blog! It will be nice to keep track of you. We will add you to our blogroll...feel free to check ours out as well...taraandowen.blogspot.com.

Looks like life is treating you well, Bree is a cutie...


McGuire's said...

Robbie and Jesika, It is great to see your blog. Bree's teeth are great! We are excited to see you sometime over Christmas.

Heidi said...

She is too cute! This was always my favorite age.

Karen said...

YAY!! We're so glad you have a blog. It's way cute. We especially love the picture of Bree at 5:45 in the morning. I can definately sympathize ;)

Dave and Karen

J-L-J-E said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! And right when we're making our exit, too. I love your title picture--what a cutie! And so fun to see Bill and Kristen! I've been trying for months to remember their last name so I could see what they're up to, but the only one that came to mind was Bradley...Bill Bradley? Is that someone famous? Because it's certainly not a former BYU student. Fun to see your beautiful family!


Reuben Cook said...

I had to laugh because the second picture of Bree (with her eyes half shut) looks exactly like Robbie in class. That kid would fall asleep in class about every other day. Then he would try to keep his eyes half way open but never managed to do it suceessfully. Exact same face! ha ha.

Bill, Kristin and Will said...

What a cute blog! I especially love all the adorable pictures of Bree. You guys are the best. Love ya!


Sam said...

The pictures are fantastic! Thanks for involving us in your blogging- you guys are great!

Natalie said...

I can't believe how big Bree is! We miss seeing you guys and hope to connect sometime soon!

Kelly said...

I'm taggin you Jesika! This means you need to write 5 things about yourself and then send the tag along to whomever you want. Yay!

beans said...

hooray, we get to see you guys more often! Bree is such a cute smiley baby! I'll add you as well to our blog.
Ours is dancingtoad.blogspot.com
Love ya and oh, I loved the x-mas card, too...so cute and creative!