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Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is AWESOME!!

So this is my new favorite cookbook: Deceptively Delicious...I recommend it to everyone! The reason Jessica Seinfeld (yes Jerry Seinfeld's wife)created this cookbook was because she was having a hard time getting her children to eat vegetables. SO, she found ways to include pureed vegetables and fruits into ordinary dishes - even into desserts! I have tried out several dishes so far: hamburgers with carrots in them (Robbie gave it five stars), oatmeal with sweet potatoes in them (may sound weird but it was awesome - and again five stars from my number one critic), and even home-made mac n'cheese with northern beans (and whole wheat pasta of course)! We all know that Americans suffer from many health problems, mostly due to poor nutrition. We need vegetables and fruits! If I had enough money I would buy this book for everyone I know. There is even a recipe for chocolate pudding! (I'm going to try that one soon!) So if you, your husband, or your child has a hard time eating vegetables, or if you just want fun ways to include them in your diet, this book is for you! (Have I sold you on it yet?)


Natalie said...

Wow. Oatmeal with sweet potato does sound good! I love sweet potato french fries!

Cara said...

I saw her on Oprah and tried a few of the recipes offered there. They really are pretty good. I've found there is a lot you can hide in spaghetti sauce! I'll have to put this cookbook on my wish list. Luckily Marin likes veggies a whole lot more than I did when I was a kid. She'll try almost anything so I don't usually have to hide them. FYI: I got a baby announcement from Melissa Spragg (Merrill) and she had a little baby boy this month! They named him Caleb.

Aubrey said...

I saw her on Oprah and was so interested in this idea. I wonder though how the veggies are nutritionally after they've been pureed and heated a couple of times. Does she say anything about that?

Chris and Peyton said...

I have this book too and I love it. The sloppy joes and turkey chili are favorites.

Katrina said...

My mom got me this for Christmas and I think it's great. Although I have to confess I haven't actually tried the recipes yet.... but i will!