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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about this week:

COSTA RICA!! For those of you who were waiting to hear we found out this week we ARE doing a semester abroad from January-April 2010!! I can hardly wait! If any of you have any tips for learning Spanish let me know!

Grandpa Lon coming to visit! (Sorry for the cheesy picture dad, but it was so cute how excited Bree was to get someone to do play dough at 7:30 AM!)
My children who LOVE each other!
When Bree chooses her own outfits :) (Don't worry, we don't leave the house like this!)
Mary Poppins (This is Bree's FAVORITE movie...it's such a life saver when I need a second to do something for Gabe or whatever...she's always thrilled when she gets to watch it. She goes around the house singing, "Let's go fly a kite" or "Step in time step in time" and kicks her legs up... so cute! :)
Play dates (Cute Mya Robinson... they were sharing
"the sacrament" in this picture! After the water they told me they needed some bread to pass :)

My UNC boys (go Tarheels!! At the moment we are up by 10!)
And my very favorite thing is General Conference! Both sessions today were so wonderful and I know that I will be so sad, as I always am, when tomorrow is over. I am so grateful for such wonderful leaders who are so inspired. I just want to be so much better and am just thankful for repentance! (And I love that my husband will be home from Priesthood Session any minute wanting to be a better husband and father :) He doesn't have much room for improvement though!)
Raindrops on Roses...


Kelly said...

Augh! I'm so jealous that you're going to Costa Rica! So happy for you, too :) It's the best place to try surfing because the water is so warm, you can stay out there for hours! I can't wait to see all of your adventures there.Congrats!

Molly said...


krista jo said...

how fun! Jess, your kids are SO adorable...although I am not surprised :)

I have also just recently began my journey to learn Spanish, Zach got me a spanish dictionary and grammar book combined. I am just learning a grammar lesson a day...I won't be living in the country, but I am sure you will catch on quick living there! How cool is that?! Congrats!

Natalie said...

The semester abroad sounds amazing. I am so jealous! Your kids are too cute.

jill said...

What an adventure you will have. Enjoy every minute and make many memories!!! Keep in touch

leslie said...

morgan is so jealous! he loves costa rica! i think he still has his mtc stuff from when he taught spanish. he could give you a crash course when you're here next. p.s allie does not have red hair. it totally looks like it in those pictures... i'm hoping it will look more like morgan's as she gets older:)

Cara said...

How exciting! That will be such a fun adventure to live in Costa Rica! Maybe we'll come visit :) I picked UNC to go all the way and so did Mitch and they pulled through for us (our friends and family and Mitch's work all do brackets and it's as close as I get to caring about sports all year because I randomly won last year)! Your kids are darling as usual!

Heather said...

That's so awesome you get to go to Costa Rica! Your kids are just so adorable! By the way, Allie has that exact same "sparkly skirt" (as she calls it) and she wears it about every day that it is not being washed! And, yes, we do sometimes leave the house that way! She's a determined little thing!

breena rae said...

Wow, how fun you get to be in Costa Rica!!! Sometimes at the bookstore or I've seen them randomly in Kinkos, they have these lamenated pamphletsfor learning basic spanish...it's a good bathroom read.

And your kids are too cute! Congrats to Bree on the big girl bed. The first weeks I would find Brighton making "diaper cakes" she calls them (stacking them up in a basket) when she should have been in her bed napping.