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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For Chris and Lisa!!

This past weekend some girlfriends and I ran a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure 5K. As I was running I started thinking about cancer. It hit me in such an unusual way that there is no cure! NO CURE! I knew that obviously, but I'd never given it that much thought I guess. For so many other illnesses there are medicines, procedures, and recommendations for changes in lifestyle, that can cure you. But for cancer there isn't! As I was running I almost started crying. I wanted so badly for there to be a cure. I felt so helpless just running down a beautiful North Carolina street with thousands of others who had signs on their backs with things such as, "In memory of our mother...", "In honor of our friend..." It made me want to tell everyone about the Savior's love and his sacrifice that would bring them comfort, peace, and even reunite them with the one they lost. Though it doesn't make up for there not being a cure, it gives meaning and purpose to the suffering many experience. Oh that everyone knew this!!

We did have so much fun. There were TONS of people. The girls I ran this with are just awesome! Ceri, Ali and Kristen are the kind of friends you want to surround yourself with...happy, bright, and so much fun! Oh it was SO HOT...I was drenched in sweat the entire time :) Gotta love the good ol' North Carolina humidity! And it was so fun to have Robbie bring the kids there to see us at the finish line! I love when Robbie is Mr. Mom for a while :) He's so good at it. But it is always eventful (well, when is life with children not eventful really?)! Once we finished I ran to grab some stuff and Robbie went to hang out in the shade and feed Gabe. He called me only a couple minutes after we separated and said Bree had had to go to the bathroom while he was feeding Gabe but the port-a-potties were clear across the way...and they didn't make it. As you can tell in the picture Robbie forgot to grab the bag with extra underwear :) There were lots of fun sponsors, like Yoplait, so it was fun sampling some goodies afterwards! There was a band playing and Bree stopped to dance while she ate her yogurt and this lady noticed and just thought it was the cutest thing. She stood there by Bree for the longest time just dancing like Bree was and imitating her eating yogurt. It was kind of funny! And Bree acted like she didn't really notice! And as we were walking to the shuttle back to our car we looked down and Bree had been "sharing" her water with Gabe. "Look mom he likes it!" she said. He couldn't actually suck out of the cup, but he was loving chewing it!
It was a wonderful event. And while I hope to support it in the years to come, it inspired me to be better at sharing my knowledge and testimony of the Savior with those around me! Because ultimately that will bless them more than a cure ever could!
I included the website so that you can find a Race for the Cure near you! http://ww5.komen.org/


Kelly said...

Ceri grew up next door to Casey! I forgot that they were living out there. I love her family. And I love Chris and Lisa and am happy to see your love and support!

melissa said...

Jes, well said. I like hearing your thoughts on these things, not just the general news that you ran although the pics were fun! Way to be in shape Mrs!

It was great to see you guys at the wedding and finally meet your kids. It was all so special to me. The wedding totally made Nolan and I think of our wedding and remember how we felt and everything you did for the program at the luncheon was so cute! I'm glad Nolan got to meet you.

Man Robbie has been traveling a ton! How cool for him. I guess it just keeps you incredibly grateful for each other even if you already are. Hang in there with the future travels!

Marilyn Jenkins said...
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Marilyn Jenkins said...

Hey Jesika,

I have had fun surfing through blogs of Morgan & Leslie's friends, and of course, I stumbled on yours. I love that you are involved in such a great cause as breast cancer awareness. That is reason #5,824 why you and your family are terrific to me! best wishes. . .