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Friday, August 21, 2009

Baity Hill

So living at Baity Hill (the married student housing at UNC) has been amazing. We have been here for over three years and I have really loved it so much! Though I am excited to move to Costa Rica and then to ? (we'll know in a couple months!), I'm realizing that it's going to pull my heart out to leave North Carolina. It seems like every day someone asks me, "Oh are you getting excited for Costa Rica? When do you leave?" Yes I am getting excited, but I want to enjoy every minute of being here while I can!! One of my most wonderful friends just moved last weekend, fortunately just accross down, but it hit me just how little time we have left here! So, we are going to live up these next three months!

On a funnier note, one thing we love about Baity Hill are all of the international neighbors we have. They are so sweet and come from wonderful cultures with wonderfu languages...most of them are learning English and we have loved hearing some of their comments that I'm sure sound better in their language :)

From our neighbor from Turkistan after looking at Gabe just a few weeks ago in the elevator: "...oh his eye-balls are so different? So cool!" (eye-balls?)

From the sweet Chinese woman who just moved in after meeting Gabe: "...he's so fat!" (picture the asian accent... "hees soo faat!")

From our nicest custodian, Zlati from Bulgaria, who was a doctor there but moved here for his son's schooling and since he can't speak English very well can only find work as a custodian: "...what a beautiful lady! You are a movie star!" And he was talking to Bree :)

From the Korean lady whose name I can never remember because I can hardly pronounce it:
"...she is so skilled!" as Bree was climbing up the ladder at the playground :)

Oh so fun!


Carrie Woolley said...

We're starting to feel the same way about Ann Arbor, even though we aren't leaving as soon as you are! I am excited to hear where you guys will be. What are the chances Russ and Robbie will work together? (ha ha, yah right, I wish.)

Heather said...

I have to admit that I do miss those funny comments--especially Zlati's! Good luck to you guys!

Natalie said...

Loved reading those funny comments! You must keep the blog going no matter where you end up so we can keep in touch!

Cara said...

Ha ha, love the comments! I asked Mitch if we could visit you guys in Costa Rica... he laughed at me! I wish! Lindy loves living in NC too. She told me she sees you every so often, I told her to say hi from me. They visited here about a month ago and we both talked about how cute and wonderful you are. I am pretty jealous you get to live in Costa Rica while I am freezing in the tundra of Logan!

P.S. Do Gabe and Bree really look as much alike as they do in those pictures on the left side of your blog? I can seriously hardly tell them apart. Your kids are exceptionally cute. And now I'm done with my novel.

Teresa said...

Live it up! I can definitely see why you are striving to get the most from the Baity Hill life before your departure. We will totally miss you guys. Love the comments from the neighbors as well.

cacrowell said...

Okay, I love this post! Eyeballs?--I laughed so hard when I read this! It's so true--all the different personalities that come with various nationalities. Oh, you guys are off to a great adventure and we are so excited to hear about it! Costa Rica--how awesome is that!

melissa said...

I have lots of close friends from asia/india; I love them and their accents SO much, I think I know exactly what you mean :).

As you surely know very well, just when you think you've met the greatest people in the world, you meet more great people everywhere you go. There always seems to be room in the heart for more friends.

Did your cute grandma make those shower invites? If so, what a high-tech grandma. Wish I could have come for Lizzy's shower/reception. I am sure everything was beautiful.

Tyson and Marie said...

Hey Jessica!This is Marie Young. I did Jr. Miss the year after you and did folk dance while you were in Modern dance. You probably don't remember me but I remember you! I found your blog through Rosemary's ard I love seeing your cute family. I also knew Robbie a little too through friends. I love readings your posts about your cute family and other life happenings. I really admire your attitude and perspective on life. I am not a creepy blog stalker but just wanted to say hi. Our blog is private but if you want to you can e-mail me at m8young@gmail.com for an invite if you want to know who this wierd person commenting is:) Anyway, tell Robbie hi and thanks for your cute uplifting posts.

Yours Truly said...

The Baity Hill days are some of my fondest memories. I don't think there will ever be a time like that again. Surrounded by so many wonderful families in the same situation. We miss it! Good luck in your adventures in costa rice (what??!!) You guys are the best.

Karen Castevens said...

Oh my...I feel so left out!!! I'm American...but it's okay. Just pickin with you. : )