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Friday, November 5, 2010

Where does the time go!

Has it really been over a month since I've been on here?! Crazy! It's been a full and fun month here at the Harmon home. Here are a few highlights:
On our way to Provo for Robbie's brother's wedding, we spent a week in St. George! We enjoyed a wonderful General Conference, got to cheer on my brother Taylor in the St. George marathon (Go Tay!) and wanted to watch Sarah's last soccer game...but it got rained out :( we were SO bummed. The kids had a BLAST playing in the play room, on the trampoline, playing with the cat, feeding Sarah's dog Chooky, and Opa Ralph even came down while we were there! It's always a treat to see him since we hardly ever get to. And at 92 we treasure every time! He just LOVES Robbie :) 

Then we went up to Provo where Robbie's brother Tanner married the wonderful Kassi Anderson. They were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple by her grandfather. Everything turned out beautifully...after a week of rain, many prayers were answered when we had a clear sunny day for the pre-ception, and the day of the wedding was so nice too! We're so happy for Tanner!!
And then we got to spend the week after just playing! (Well, Robbie had to work every day, but could play in the evenings!) The highlight (as always) was the ranch... Gabe absolutely LOVED the horses. He couldn't get enough of feeding them...as you can see almost his entire hand is in the horses mouth, and he would squeel with joy!
He LOVED the four-wheeler, the scooter, and grandpa's truck. Such a boy! And it was so fun watching him. Bree loves it all too, but this was Gabe's first time being old enough to really enjoy the ranch.

Bree loved spending time with her cousins Grace and Summer, her grandparents and aunts and uncles...but for some reason, Uncle Adam just has a special place in her heart. And when he is around she only wants to be with him!
Bree loves being a princess at Grammy's. With so many fun dress ups and girly things, she is in heaven. (So fun...at Grammy's house :)
Gabe was a little bit of a stinker however...if I even left the room he would cry out, "Mommy! Mommy! And start crying if I didn't answer immediately. I don't know if he was afraid I was going to leave him or what, but it sure made it hard, especially since he wanted nothing to do with anyone else :( It comes with the age I guess, and living away...but boy was it hard! He was a little like that in St. George too. So sitting with Grammy to read a book was BIG! Hopefully Thanksgiving will be better!
Halloween was...halloween. We had fun and all, but after a ward party the weekend before, and then Bree's preschool halloween party, I was all halloweened out. I tried for a few days to just let the kids have candy when they asked so that it wouldn't be a big deal...but after six or seven peices and I said that was enough Gabe would lose it. It was like they never have candy or something! Well, ok, so at my house they don't. But they have other sweet things! So Friday all the candy suddenly was "gone" and we were done with Halloween :) On Sunday the kids didn't even know the difference :) But the best part about that weekend was a surprise visit from Grandma Carrie, Grandpa Lon and Sarah! They worked it out with Robbie and got in late Thursday night and he left the from door open and they just slipped in and slept in the guest room which is right by the front door. Friday morning about 6 we went out with the kids for breakfast, the kids were sitting on the bar stools and I went to get the cereal, I came around the corner and screamed when I saw them! It was the BEST surprise ever!! They hadn't been here since we've lived in Arizona and I had so been wanting them to come. And the best part was, Gabe was a completely different grandchild.  He sat on grandpa's lap, went with them places, let them help him...and didn't care about mommy :) It was the best.

I was so excited too because they got to come to Bree's first soccer game! Well, I was excited until we were there. As you can see, the lack of nap that day and all the excitement didn't prove helpful to her soccer skills...yes, my child cried the entire time. We tried everything. Don't you hate when you are the mom that people are feeling bad for!

It was so much fun having them here though. I decided it's totally different having family here than being there. Though just being around family is great, letting them be around the kids when they are in "their" element is ideal :) We can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! More fun in Utah! 

AND...I guess I haven't posted anything about being pregnant yet?! I won't say much, but we're 18 weeks along and we find out next week what we are having! So expect another post soon!


Ali and Josh Holt said...

I'm so glad I read all the way to the end!!! Congratulations! If I were as cute of pregnant girl as you I would totally have like 20 kids. Just sayin! Can't wait to hear what you are having. Miss you guys, your babies are beautiful!

Angela said...

Congratulations on the bun in the oven! How wonderful... Love to read your updates :)

Carrie Woolley said...

Great post! Looks like you had tons of fun in UT, and what a great surprise to have your family come. Way to go, Robbie for not letting the secret out!

Congrats on the pregnancy, too! That is so exciting. You guys make the cutest kids ever. I can't wait to hear if it is a girl or a boy!

Maybe we can get together this Christmas when we are all in UT.


phyllis bestor said...

Thanks, Jesika. When a small one is out of his familiar element, he has more to adjust to: surroundings AND different people. Wonderful memories and surprises.

Cara said...

Woo hoo! Jes how can you be pregnant? You do not look pregnant in any of those pictures! I'll admit, I was even looking closely because I knew it was about that time, and I thought nope, you couldn't be. I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you had so much fun in Utah. And I can totally relate to the soccer thing. My family drove all the way up to Beaver ski resort to watch Marin (she'd been loving it every weekend for months) and of course, she cried, whined, went one run down the mountain and refused to ski more. The excitement of grandma takes its toll!

Marcee said...

I'm so glad you updated! I was wondering what was going on with you, and actually if you guys where getting pregnant soon. ;-) Crazy but Emiline is just 5 months old and I found myself talking about having a baby brother with Jane the other day...CONGRATS! You've got to stay ahead of me so I know that I can do it when I get to three. Two is going pretty well so far. Better than I expected.

Also, Jane was exactly like Gabe the last two visits to family, probably worse. It was so frustrating. You want your family to get to know your beautiful kid and then Jane just squawked every time someone got too close. It has been so much better on our turf. I hope the phase ends before we go home for Christmas. For both of us!

You and your family look beautiful! So good to hear from you!

criger said...

Congratulations Harmons
We miss you in Chapel Hill
Kaylene Criger

Melissa said...

I am so glad you posted! I was needing a Harmon update :) Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope everything check out ok and you are feeling good! Can't wait hear more! :)

Arbon Family said...

LITTLE GABE IS NOT SO LITTLE ANYMORE and BREE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Congrats on baby #3. I am so excited for you guys. Miss you.

Heidi said...

No worries ... we've all been there with children off their normal routines and crying during soccer games! Good news -- she left them in and her ponytails look adorable!! Congrats on the new baby ... whatever it is ... no doubt it will be beautiful!!

Jaxon said...

nice post... that family picture at the top is beautiful!

Marianne said...

Congrats! We are so excited for ya'll! And I love the updates! We miss you!

Natalie said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I hope you are feeling well.

Rosie said...

WAHOO! We are so happy for you guys! What fun to have family around and be able to go to them. How about we get to see during Christmas?!