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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MVD 101

What is the most fun thing you can think of to do with 8 hours of your time? Exercising, going on a date, shopping, cooking, reading, hanging out with your sisters, going to Traffic Survival School...oh wait, I mean that is NOT one of them! But alas, I did have the priviledge of attending EIGHT HOURS of Traffic Survival School. Long story short, I ran a red light. It was 5 AM, I was on my way to the temple, and since (as I later learned) in Arizona we have the highest number of intersection fatalities, if one pays the red light violation ticket, and thus admits guilt, they are REQUIRED to take an 8 hour Traffic Survival School class.
This was going to be a much longer post, but long story short I had the worst attitude going into it, but came away SO GRATEFUL! Seriously I learned SO MUCH! The teacher for the first half of the class was really, really good. He helped me see that really the city and state have to make money some how...if I break the law they set, I have to pay. No need to be bitter about it. Just don't do it. And I was in the class with people who had way worse problems than just running a red light! I have been such a better driver since! I had NO idea how dangerous driving and texting was. I admit it, I did it sometimes. But after watching videos and seeing statistics about how much more dangerous it is that drunk driving (they showed us the studies and documentaries), never again. I have told my children to help remind me...and they do :)
So while I was not happy about the $370 I had to pay for the ticket and then the class, honestly I can say it was well worth my time. Thank you Discount Traffic Survival School!


Carrie Woolley said...

Ha ha, when we were living in Scottsdale, I got caught speeding by by a traffic camera and by the time I the notice, we had moved so I had to do an online course that took me forever! I think they must be extra vigilant there. :) you had a way better attitude than I did!

Cara said...

Wow Jes. I am so disappointed in you for running a red light at 5 a.m. I wouldn't know how that feels because I am such an amazing driver that I have never even been pulled over (yeah, that's right!).. Seriously though, good reminder not to text while driving :)