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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our First Harmon Family Thanksgiving

Yup that's right, this year it was just our little family for Thanksgiving...and it was wonderful! Of course I couldn't listen to certain Christmas music while I was cooking because it was making me homesick, but besides that we were so happy to be just our little family! The day started watching Robbie in the ward Turkey Bowl. He was awesome! He either scored or threw at least seven touch-downs! That's my man :) Bree made a new friend named Ty - I love watching her play with children who are a little older than she is (if they are a good influence of course) because she tries to do everything they do! Ty would run down the hill and say "Weeeeeee" and Bree would be right behind him with her little "Weeeeee"...Ty would pick up sticks and throw them in the little pond and Bree would do the same...they had a blast. The weather was perfect and it was great fun for all of us!

Then we came home for a light lunch, nap for Bree and cooking for me! (Robbie wanted to help, but I wanted him to enjoy the meal...and then he could do some work stuff.) The only unfortunate part was that the fire alarm went off in our building only 1/2 hour into Bree's nap! Fortunately my pumpkin pie was only half way done and didn't burn while we were outside waiting for the fire truck. Then Robbie had set up for us to go help out at a rest home. We thought it would brighten the resident's day to see sweet Bree...and boy did it ever! We helped set up chairs and then visited with them while they had a little concert. Bree was the star of the show! The chairs were set up in a circle and so Bree had the whole dance floor to herself! The sweet ladies clapped along while Bree just danced and danced. So cute!

Then we decided to take Bree to her first movie. We thought it would be fun to see Madagascar 2, and it was a really fun movie, but Bree just isn't that into movies and didn't want to sit for long. And it didn't help that she had wet her pants right before and I hadn't brought extra pants (hey I was trying to be optimisic cause she'd been doing so great!), so when she was sitting we wanted her to have a blanket on. (It was funny, she wet her pants right as Robbie was setting up the camera to take a little family picture. He quickly put her on his lap and we took a picture and then he felt the wetness... oh the joys of potty-training!)
After that we came home, finished up the meal preparations and sat down for a delicious candle lit Thanksgiving meal of mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberries, stuffing, homemade rolls (my best yet!), jello salad, and green beans. It was so perfect because it had just gotten dark and just felt so cosy. Bree was pretty tired because it was getting late, so we put Bree to bed and then got to enjoy our pumpkin pie just the two of us. It was such a fun day! Though being with all of our family would have been the best, this will be a fun Thanksgiving to remember! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Melissa S said...

Look at your belly! you are soooooo cute!!!!! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon!

the jenkins said...

wow! thanksgiving dinner all by yourself!? i'm impressed! bree looks adorable. oh, i met this girl in my tennis class who is from st. george, but living in north carolina. her name is serie, ceri, syrie (i'm not sure the spelling), anyway, her husband is going to dental school and she says that they are in your ward...small world. give us a call when you're home for christmas.

Natalie said...

David and I haven't had the chance to have our own holiday all to ourselves, but I wish we could. It looks like fun! Happy Turkey Day!

Shelly Moon said...

Your THanksgiving sounded great! I'm glad. We hope to see you at CHristmas sometime when you are in town! Congrats on the baby boy! I just got the news and I'm excited for you!

Bill, Kristin and Will said...

I'm glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. Your table looked so beautiful. Love you!

Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Hey, I wanted to say that I just love your family Jesika! My husband, little Brooklyn and I were able to have Thanksgiving in St. George and my brother is in your parents ward. Lizzy and your brother (forget his name) gave missionary reports on both of your brothers. I just have to say your family (and your family... You, Robbie and cute little one) just amaze me. My brother Cam and I were talking about how neat of a family you guys are and how the light of Christ just radiates. Lizzy is just beautiful just as you are! Robbie way to find such a pretty wife! Your sweet brother sat behind us in Sunday school and introduced himself to us and we chatted away. Anyways, I am giving you a report that your family is doing well and I am sure they missed you guys as much as you missed them. Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you all! Safe travels to Utah for the holidays!
Thanks for the great example you guys are to me. I really appreciate it.

Derek and Ceri Steele said...

So I met someone who knows you from St. George, Leslie Jenkins. Is that her first name? Looks like she also posted a comment on your blog. Funny. She was in a tennis class of mine at the Summit Athletic Club.

Todd, Rose and Emy said...

I am so happy Bree is doing so well with potty training and just in time! Let's get together when you are in Provo. I go home the 13th and Todd comes the 20th. We will call you!

Bree said...

Hello Mr Harmon! It's Bree (Bigler) Hafen! I just wanted to stop by-- I saw your mom Grandma Norton's viewing. I thought it was very sweet for her to come. Your daughter is darling and - I must say - she has a beautiful name! ;)

We're still in Dallas. Luke will be 2 on the 21st and there aren't any plans for a second... yet. We'll see. Dan's is being very patient with me! (I think he would prefer we have 21 kids by now!) ;) Looks like you and Jessica are happy as can be... and that makes me happy!