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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My totally awesome wife!

I just want to quickly say how incredible Jesika has been since arriving in Costa Rica. She has learned how to make delicious (and nutritious) meals with very different resources. She made Christmas memorable for everyone, despite being thousands of miles away from family and friends and a bazillion things going on for weeks beforehand. She is full of faith. She is determined to learn Spanish (writing down words she hears during the day and looking them up at night). The list goes on. She's beautiful...she's sweet...and she's mine, all mine! I love it!

~ Robbie


Arbon Family said...


melissa said...

Very true Robbie. Love that Jes.

I know it's been hard Jes, but what an amazing experience! You're totally up for it. I'm praying for ya. Much Love!

Carrie said...

Wow. . Grandpa and I are reading this together and loving that you are having this unique experience which you will always value.