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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Costa Rica Casita

Hola! We have been waiting since Monday for them to come set up our internet...so we haven't had too much access. Once we have it in our home I hope to be better about posting! But here I am and welcome to the grand tour of the Harmon casita. We love it! The back of our house faces the road, so as you walk from the road you come around to walk up onto our porch then into the door and you see this. Next to the door are some double doors that also open if you want. You look to the left and you have our kitchen. Tons of counter and cupboard space compared to Baity Hill!! Beyond the kitchen is the little laundry room. Here you see all our clothes nicely hung after the first time I did the laundry... and waited two days for the them to dry and then noticed they were stinky :) Now we have a clothes line to hang them outside and I am much happier :) Then you look to the right and see this nice familiy room. A little couch, couple of chairs, desk and a book shelf. PLUS a white board on the wall to write up our Spanish words! Directly up the stairs is our bathroom with a sink and shower... and warm water for the first one who showers, or for no one if we have done some laundry already :) On the right side is the kid's room and on the left side is our room. All the floors are tile (which is easier to clean up after meal messes than carpet!) and with this nice weather our windows are open day and night. Costa Rica just finished with the rainy season (where it rains every day!) and now the dry season is brought in with about a month of breeze and sunshine. Then in February it gets a lot hotter. But the major humidity shouldn't set in until late summer. So we timed this just right! We are at the end of a cul de sac with the playground right next door :) and have some GREAT neighbors! Just a five minute walk up the hill is the main campus with an exercise room, the pool, and the buildings where Robbie will have classes starting next week. The campus is all gated in with security guards in several places, so we feel so safe.

This week has been SO much fun! It has been a huge blessing to have a whole week with Robbie home before he starts school next week. I will be posting about the Tope (cool horse parade) the beach, some cooking adventures, and the fun times with daddy home as soon as we get our internet set up! Oh and someone must have prayed for me because I found wheat flour at a store this week!! GRACIAS!!
Hasta Luego!


Mariandrew said...

I love your little home there! And I am so excited to live vicariously through you and your adventures in Costa Rica! We miss you!

Carrie Woolley said...

Looks like a cute place! I can't believe that greenery just outside your doors. What a fun adventure, guys. Live it up!

jill said...

Enjoy the adventure kids!

Cara said...

How fun! It's so cold here I can't believe there are parts of the world that are so nice and warm! I'm glad things are getting better already. What an adventure for you guys! (okay, I just read the previous 3 comments and they all say the word "adventure" in them-- for the record I typed it before I read them... it must be true then though!)