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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~My January Babies~

Sunshine to all she meets.
January 23rd, 4 years old now...
My little girl is not so little any more!
She is a kind friend, and a loving big sister.
She loves dolls, barbies, dance class, and dress up.
She loves to run fast, can ride her bike without training wheels, jump off of tall things, and wrestle with her brother.
She loves to paint, do play-dough, and sketches everyone and anything.
She knows and can write all her letters, and is starting to sound out words.
She sings like an angel, dances all around the house, and loves to help mom cook.
Her favorite movie is Cinderella.
Her fruit of choice is watermelon...but when it's not in season she loves strawberries and oranges.
Her vegetable of choice is cucumber...and loves when they are cut long and calls them, cucumber popsicles.
If she could pick any snack (besides candy) she would choose frozen go-gurts.
She enjoys testing her limits, and has quite a strong, independent personality.
Bree is the biggest helper around the house! Always willing to run and get me anything I need.
She loves Primary and loves helping daddy read the Book of Mormon each morning.
She says the sweetest prayers, and I think has more faith than anyone in our family.
I am so blessed to have such a sweet daughter! Happy Birthday Bree!

My little angel boy GABRIEL ROBERT
January 26th, I can't believe he is already 2.
He is rough and tough and can hold his own wrestling his sister.
He love balls and horses and trucks.
But he'll play dolls with his sister too :)
He is getting so good at riding his little green bike, and runs everywhere he goes!
He loves to eat...loves to eat...
He is saying more words every day, but my favorite is when he is hiding and pops out of his hiding spot and says, "Here me are!"
He knows most all of his colors, and his shapes...and pretty much every animal! 
He loves Nursery and is the first to run and kneel down for family prayer when we call.
His fruit of choice is bananas or blueberries (he would eat them all day if I would let him!).
His vegetable of choice is avacado or edamame. And he can down a V8 in ten seconds flat.
If he could pick any snack (besides fruit snacks...and popsicles) he would choose go-gurts.
His favorite Christmas present (besides his bike) was the car vitamins in his stocking...he carried them around everywhere for a month! Even wanted to sleep with them!
His favorite movie is Toy Story.
He just moved to a "big boy bed" and loves it, so long as his four horses are along side of him when he sleeps.
He tries to do everything his sisters does, and says, "No me do" if you try and help him with anything else.
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!
Oh what a joy! I am so blessed to have such wonderful children. It really is so fun having Bree and Gabe's birthday's so close. They both get so excited for each other and it makes both celebrations even more fun! AND, then we get to have parties for what seems like all week! I love my children and feel more blessed every day to be a mom...and not just a mom, but their mom. I just want to take advantage of this time because I know it will pass so quickly. And to think we'll have another sweet child join our family in just another month or so!
I love this life of mine.


phyllis bestor said...

what a sweet blog entry. You can do more of these while being sedentary and they will be valuable journal entries.

Jaxon said...

Thanks for the update. I still wonder why we didn't coordinate living in NC a little better!!!!!

Natalie said...

They are growing up so fast. But they are the cutest kids ever!

Cara said...

They are so cute! They look so much alike it's crazy! I've been thinking about you and wondering how the pregnancy/bed rest thing is going. I hope you're doing all right. I always start a bunch of projects right before I have a baby (the nesting thing I guess?) so I've been thinking how hard it would be to have to stay in bed right now, and I'm sure it's the same for you. Hang in there!

Annabanana said...

Hope you don't mind, I stumbled upon your blog via my sister Bonnies' blog. Your family is beautiful! It is fun to see pictures of your family. I feel likes it's been decades since I've seen a Henderson. You are all so grown up! Good luck with the new baby.

Michael and Bonnie said...

They are both so adorable Jes! I wish we could get our kids to play together like we did when we were little. Good job raising to great kids.