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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cuteness by Bree

Though it's not quite swimming weather, with the warm weather Bree and Gabe have been dying to swim. They have tried on their old swimsuits and have both outgrown them, so they got new swimsuits today. Before dinner Bree said,
"Mom, could I pleeeease wear my swimsuit for dinner?" (the rule is no dress ups at meals)
I thought for a minute, my heart softened a bit, "Sure" I said.
"Oh thank you mom!" and then with a smile, "I said a prayer that you would say yes!"

Love it :) Only what if I would have said no?!

Also so cute, on Monday we were cleaning the house getting ready for Robbie's family to come for his cousin's wedding. I was wiping the table and Bree walked in with a binder under her arm.
"Mom, pretend that I am a sister missionary."
"Ok, Hi Sister missionary!"
"No mom, pretend that you don't be-love in Jesus" (That is what she says for "believe"...but I can't bear to correct her because I think it is SO cute when she says it!)
Me: "Oh, ok. Then I wouldn't know who you were so you'll have to say hi to me first."
Bree:"Hello! I am a sister missionary! I am hear to teach you the gospel!"

Then we proceed and she ends up "coming in" to my house and teaches me a lesson about Christ :) The binder she had was a Sunday book filled with pictures of Christ. When I asked her where her companion was she said she was teaching my next door neighbor. It really was the sweetest hearing her explain about the pre-mortal life, about how Jesus died for us, and just watching how excited she was to "teach" me. Love it. She is really becoming such a sweet, sweet girl. McKay absolutely adores her. Gabe thinks she is hillarious. She makes friends wherever she goes. I just love my girl.  


melissa said...

Oh, Jesika. How could your little girl be anything but a sweet, beautiful missionary? I love that. I wish I knew her better. ... and I can't help but spot the tiny little green smoothies on your dining room table! I just made some this morning :).

Amber said...

Are you kidding me! This is the cutest thing I have ever heard! You're obviously doing something right:)

Jill said...

Being taught by two wonderful parents. Keep up the great work!!!

Lizzy said...

What a sweet sweet girl, and what a darling story :) Can't wait to squeeze her in a couple weeks!