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Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday fun!

I have a couple of posts started, trying to catch up on SEVEN MONTHS of my lack of blogging...but first I think I will just start from where we are so I don't get too overwhelmed :)
We had such a fun family Saturday! We started off at 6:30 volunteering for the Phoenix Marathon. We worked at the mile 9 water station and were in charge of handing out the "goo" stuff. They wanted each station to have a theme and my friend who was in charge of this one chose, Michael Jackson. SO FUN! She got everone sparkly silver MJ gloves and had her cousin who is a DJ playing music and talking on the microphone the whole time. And let me just say, he. was. hillarious.  Can you imagine while you are running hearing: "Oh there is that pretty lady I have been waiting to see all morning, looking so fine while you run..." "C'mon, let me see your moves man..." "Slap the Michael Jackson glove and you'll run faster I promise!" Robbie and I were laughing so hard. And the runners were totally getting into it! Well, not the ones who were trying to win, but the others LOVED it! And Gabe was so into it. This picture was one of his Michael Jackson poses: (not sure what it was, but he sure had some moves!) And he HAD to wear one of the volunteer shirts, even though as you can see, it was HUGE! It was a bit chilly, so Bree didn't really get into it until she warmed up, but Gabe was all about it. He was helping hold up the goo and no one was taking his for a while, but oh his face was golden when a runner finally reached down and grabbed it out of his hand. Priceless. He was so excited. And I was in heaven of course, being able to dance all morning to MJ. Ahhhh. It was a blast.  
After that fun we ran home and changed to head down to the Lehi Days Rodeo! Robbie couldn't stop smiling as he put on his boots and cowboy hat. (See that handsome cowboy in the center of the picture?) Pony rides, animal petting, BBQ, and the kids even got to participate in the money goat chase. They were a little disappointed they didn't get anything (ok there were only a hundred kids between the ages of 4-7), but it was so fun they got out there! The weather was perfect and it was such a fun day!

And though this isn't from Saturday, I just have to include a picture of McKay with his teeth. He has four on top and two on the bottom, but they just look so funny! In the cutest way of course :) He does this scrunched up smile too...we all laugh so hard, and then he looks at us and laughs back. Love it! 


Annie said...

Such a cute little family! Man times flies... It feels like not too long ago we were walking in D.C. together!

Lizzy said...

I LOVE McKay's teeth-what a cutie. So happy you're posting-you're motivating me!