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Friday, March 16, 2012

Week and Grandma Carrie's

Whenever I leave town I feel like my life goes on hold a little bit. Even though I have my cell phone, and usually my computer, there is something about being "home"that gives me no desire to check in with the real world. And I love it. I just want to spend time with my parents and sister, and let my children enjoy every minute of being with family. I can honestly say it is that way at my in-laws too. Well last week Robbie was going to be in Florida for work, so rather than be home alone we took a little trip to St. George! Oh we had such a wonderful time! As you can see, the kids were all smiles too :)
Working with grandpa in the tractor, riding down to the river, jumping on the tramp, feeding the dog, picking fresh broccoli from the greenhouse, playing in the amazing playroom, spending time with my sweet 93 year old Grandpa Ralph (my dad's dad who is living there...the kids LOVED him! Especially McKay?! He was ALL smiles!) riding the carousel, and just. having. fun! We even got to spend a little time with my cousin Ash-e-ly (as my children call her) and her son Wyatt who are living there right now. LOVE HER!

And it was so fun getting to see my sister play soccer, go to a Zumba class (my first time...yes, loved it) and have some great talks. She is amazing and such a great aunt. And I have to say how proud I am of my parents...for the past few months they have been developing some great healthy food habits and doing very consistent exercise. I mean, they have always been pretty healthy and exercized some, but they realized recently that now is such an important time to really take their health seriously or soon it will be too late. Well, they have taken it really seriously and they both look and feel AMAZING! I only hope I can look like them when I am 55! My mom is gorgeous, inside and out. My dad is a rock, inside and out :)
I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents who give so much and teach me so much every time I am with them. Thank you mom and dad! 


Jill said...

I love to go to "Your House" as well! Always laughs shared and memories made!!!! Thanks for sharing the house and your mom and dad!